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Welcome to Platinum (Youth) Grade

The Platinum grade is an exciting grade that bridges the gap between junior grades (6 aside) and senior hockey (11 aside) within Canterbury Hockey. It focuses on developing players from school year 9 to under 18 years of age (year 13); to prepare players for the competitive older and stronger grades from Division 2 through to CPL level. For school year 9’s this will be the first time playing 11 aside hockey, so there is so much new learning within this grade.


Southern United views the Platinum grade as a pathway for players striving to play in these higher grades in the future, but also caters for those just wanting to play for enjoyment and alongside their peers. CHA splits the grade into various divisions, and Southern United facilitates and supports all players and their hockey aspirations so there is place available for all levels of ability.


To be eligible to play in the Platinum grade you must be year 9-13 at school. CHA have implemented a regulation that all school year 9 and 10 players must play in this grade.


The Platinum grade is played on Sundays and usually aligns with school terms.


Southern United are very lucky to have a strong Junior Club with a large number of members that feed into the Platinum grade. Historically this has allowed for 4-5 female teams and 2 male teams each season.


Trials are held around March/April prior to the season starting. Players are required to register for trials. Please refer to this website or follow the clubs social media pages (links below) to stay up to date with trial dates as they roll around and other events etc during the season.


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