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Premier and Premier Reserve Men - Trial 2

Congratulations to the successful candidates from Sunday's first trial who have been invited to attend the second trial this weekend. Please see the list below - you will all receive an email soon:

Alex Warrington

Angus Keast

Angus McGregor

Ben Dowers

Ben Owers

Ben Rutherford

Bertie Ruscoe

Bradley Shaw

Carlos Kershaw

Callum Slaven

Callum McGregor

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Moore

Carey Poulsen

Chez Parore

Cody Fairhall

Delane Traber

Etienne Harrington-Watt

Gareth Greenfield

Gareth McKercher

Gareth Stewart

Garth Tipper

Harmanjit Singh

Harrison Darling

Hayden Andrews

Hayden Slaughter

Hugh Hendrickson

Jack Porter

James Morris-Williamson

James Whitehouse

Jesse Forsyth

Jeremiah Go

Kevin O'Kane

Max Winter

Michael Miller

Mitch Carey

Ryan Smith

Sam Bennett

Sean Poulsen

Shane Maddaford

Shaun Coles

Trial Two - Time and Date

Trial Two will take place this Sunday at 11:30am - please be there ready to warm up at 11am in between Nunweek 2 and 3 by the red container. You will receive an email later this week in regards to the 'trial two' process.

Feeling hard done by?

We are happy to field any queries / questions in regards to any players who may have missed out and feel a little hard done by. We don't want players walking away with a bad taste in there mouth. Please don't hesitate to confidentially contact our senior club captain, Chez Parore on 027 530 8378 or email: Chez will touch base with the selection panel, case by case. 

Trialing Elsewhere?

Every year there are new players entering the region, and trialing around. When it comes to new players entering the region, we don't expect them to 'put all there eggs in one basket'... however, if you have made it to this stage and are trialing elsewhere, please let our senior club captain (Chez) know. It's not a big deal at all, it's just helpful to know so we can support you through the process. We do our best to look after and cater for everyone within our club, along with new trialists. We want what is best for everyone and look to help out where we can.

Unsuccessful Candidates?

We urge all players who don't make Premier or Premier Reserve Teams to trial for our Division Two and Three sides. The first trial for these grades is on Sunday the 26th of February, 1:30pm - 3pm.


Ryan Cosgrove

James Morris-Williamson

John Slaughter

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