2018 Mid-Week Open Grade

The MWO grade is open to all hockey players who are not able to play on the weekend or are looking for a more social environment.  The MWO grade starts each season with a 3-week pre-season competition where teams are split into two divisions (generally top 8 competitive and bottom 8 social) for the remainder of the season.

Here at SUHC, we have four teams (one competitive and one social team for each of the Men's and Women's competitions).  The Men's competition is played on Monday's and the Women play on Tuesday's, generally from 6.10pm onwards.  These teams may or may not train in 2018.

These teams have a core group of players that have been part of the MWO-family for the last few years.  New players are generally asked what level of hockey they are wishing to play and allocated a team based on this instead of having trials.


The MWO teams will have a pre-season run around in mid-March to finalise teams and prepare for the competition to commence early April.  If you are interested to play in one of our MWO teams, please complete the register below.