Funsticks Programme 2019

This programme is designed for children, aged 5-6 years, who are 'new players' or relatively new to the game of hockey.  All children in Years 1 - 2 (no matter what club) can only register for Funsticks Programme - even if they have played Fun Sticks in previous years. As its name implies its key objectives are to provide the participants with:

  • An introduction to hockey with an emphasis on being a fun experience

  • To develop fundamental skills- running, dodging, striking

  • A positive & quality coaching environment

  • Full involvement for all participants

  • Regular changes of activities to maintain enthusiasm and interest

  • A safe environment for any activity

  • To provide equipment (sticks, balls, cones, bibs, goals) to minimise cost for caregivers.

  • There is generally a mini tournament involving other clubs in the last week.

Click here to register for Funsticks for 2019.

We look forward to see all of our Funsticks players at the Sydenham Turf each Friday, commencing 03 May 2019.