Congratulations to our

2020 Club Award Recipients

2020 Club Awards

Athol McCrorie Memorial Trophy

Ange Park ​

Holland Cup

Sam Bennett 

Graham Gourley Memorial Trophy

Mitchell Aramowi​cz 

Stuart Clements Memorial Trophy

Wendy Duff

N J Agent Memorial Trophy

Jono Pooch

Selwyn-Hillmorton Sportsmanship Trophy
Ilja Van Nieuwpoort

Lloyd Cup

Cameron Beynon

Eric Pullen Cup

Sam Bennett

M Burtt/D Clements Premier Men's Service Award
Marty Perry

Murray Clements Memorial Presidents Cup (1931-2009)
Craig Iggo

Rookie of the Year

Cameron Slee

Smith Family Trophy
Mitchell Suddaby

Pooch Family Cup
Freyja Marshall

Shaw Family Trophy

Ben Owers

Pearce Family Trophy

Georgia Surie 

Sponsorship Recognition Award

Just Hockey

Noel Burtt Memorial Trophy

Cameron Slee

Kay Hawkes Trophy

Freyja Marshall

G Cox Memorial Trophy

Jane Goodwin

Patrons (John Down) Cup

George Ladley

F Bull Cup

Thomas Bennett

Dot Copely Trophy
Gareth Greenfield 

Eddie Parsons Shield
Division One Men

C S Clements Trophy

Platinum 1 Girls

Burgess Cup

Platinum 1 Boys

Patel Cup
Platinum 1 Girls

Sullivan Cup
Colleen Suddaby 

B Hall Trophy

Colleen Suddaby


Ladies Coaching Cup
Riley Chandler

T Crump Trophy
Mid Week Men Division 1

Beckenham Footwear Trophy

Division 2 Woman

2020 Team awards

Premier Men
Most Valuable Player - Max Winter
Most Improved Player - Liam Porter

Premier Reserve Men
Most Improved Player - Eli Abrey 


Division 2 Men

Most Valuable Player - Ben Hampton

Division 3 Men
Most Valuable Player - Cameron Duff


Platinum One Boys
Most Valuable Player - Alex Rippin


Platinum Two Boys
Most Improved Player - Savio Mallinder

Grass Men
Most Valuable Player - Dixon Chin

Mid-Week Open Men Division 1
Josh Scott

Mid-Week Open Men Division 2
Most Valuable Player - Ryan Verwey

Premier Women
Most Valuable Player - TessaAdolph
Most Improved Player - Hannah Pearson

Premier Reserve Women

Most Improved Player - KaiaJoergensen

Division 2 Women

Most Valuable Player - BrennaMcInnes

Platinum One Girls
Most Valuable Player - OliviaRickerby

Platinum Two Girls
Most Valuable Player - CharlieGaiger

Grass Women|
Most Valuable Player - Niki Webb

Mid-Week Open Women Division 3
Players Player - GabbyHoldorf
Most Improved Player - ShelleyPerfect

Mid-Week Open Women Division 2
Most Improved Player - JeanineTopelen
Players Player - CharlotteBrown
Players Player Toni Dakers