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Congratulations to our

2018 Club Award Recipients

Athol McCrorie Memorial Trophy

Natasha Kyd

Holland Cup

Ange Park

Graham Gourley Memorial Trophy

Cameron Duff

Stuart Clements Memorial Trophy

Bernie McCarthy

N J Agent Memorial Trophy

Kate Bayliss

R A Fox Trophy
Bjorn Dix & Gareth Greenfield

Selwyn-Hillmorton Sportsmanship Trophy
Shane Maddaford

Lloyd Cup

Gareth Greenfield

Eric Pullen Cup

Suz Pearce

M Burtt/D Clements Premier Men's Service Award
Rainer Klebert

Murray Clements Memorial Presidents Cup (1931-2009)
Tim Crump

Rookie of the Year

Flynn Marshall

Smith Family Trophy
Noah Abrey

Pooch Family Cup
Cass Hetherington

Shaw Family Trophy

Hugh Hendrickson

Pearce Family Trophy

Zoe Summers

Noel Burtt Memorial Trophy

Etienne Harrington-Watt

Kay Hawkes Trophy

Katerina Basova

G Cox Memorial Trophy

Angela Reimer

Patrons (John Down) Cup

Eli Abrey

F Bull Cup

Sian Goodall

Dot Copely Trophy
Nicole Baxter-Warren

Eddie Parsons Shield
Division One Men

C S Clements Trophy

Division Two Women

Burgess Cup

Division 3 Gold Men

Patel Cup
Division One Women

Sullivan Cup
Nick Milward

B Hall Trophy

James Morris-Williamson


Ladies Coaching Cup
Bjorn Dix

T Crump Trophy
Division One Men

Beckenham Footwear Trophy

Division Two Women

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