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2017 Year 3 and 4 Girls Trials

The first two sessions for Year 3 and 4 Girls will be held on the 3rd and 4th April 2017 at Sydenham Park Turf. The third and final session will be held on Sunday 9th April at Sydenham Turf,

There are two groups allocated to a different day. Please check your group and day carefully. If you cant attend the session your daughter has been allocated to, please feel free to attend the other session. The Sunday Session times are 1pm - 2pm for Group One and 2pm - 3pm for Group Two.


Please make sure you have a drink bottle, sunblock, appropriate clothing for the inclement weather and of course all your playing equipment. Players without mouthguards will be unable to participate.

Should you have any queries  please contact



Session One

Monday 3rd April

4pm - 5pm


Alexi Smart

Anna Wright

Elizabeth Sherratt

Evie Roy

Kate Rayner

Keira Phelan

Lily Fowler

Lucia Gale

Lucy Groome

Lucy Harrison

Madeleine Cambridge

Matilda Beresford

Mila Dijkstra

Paige Rickerby

Ruby Farr

Torun Joergensen

Xanthe Ward

Eva Loose

Ania Kuziel

Eva Loose

Sarah Mason


Session Two

Tuesday 4th April

4pm - 5pm

Abbie Macdonald

Anna Carter

Annabelle Rippen

Ayana Cooke

Bella Huston

Billie Sheed

Charlotte Manningsmith

Charlotte Sparks

Elena Evans

Hannah Macdonald

Lavinia Roberts

Lilia Phare

Poppy Yarham

Savannah Bayliss

Scarlett Addison Clay   

Isabella Kenel

Julia Cornfoot

Kate Breitmeyer

These players

can attend either session

Chandni Petre  

 Elsie May Stocks  

 Florence Milne  

 India Armstrong  

 Isabella Sparks  

 Lucy-Mei Evans  

 Michaela Podmore  

 Mika Lene  

 Milla Wilke  

 Namasvi Patel  

 Paris Edlin  

 Phoebe Ensor

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