Congratulations to our

2017 Club Award Recipients

Athol McCrorie Memorial Trophy

James Morris-Williamson

Holland Cup

Ange Park

Graham Gourley Memorial Trophy

Travis Iggo

Stuart Clements Memorial Trophy

Victoria Kelly

N J Agent Memorial Trophy

Shelley Wells

R A Fox Trophy
Tana Sullivan

Selwyn-Hillmorton Sportsmanship Trophy
Jo Madeley

Lloyd Cup

Charlotte Fenton

Eric Pullen Cup

Lauren McMahon

M Burtt/D Clements Premier Men's Service Award
Ben Owers

Murray Clements Memorial Presidents Cup (1931-2009)
Andrew Mitchell

Services to Hockey

Gareth Greenfield & Sandra Pooch

Smith Family Trophy
Aidan Perry

Pooch Family Cup
Kelly Newlands

Shaw Family Trophy

Shaun Coles

Pearce Family Trophy

Zoe Summers

Noel Burtt Memorial Trophy

Etienne Harrington-Watt

Kay Hawkes Trophy

Neve Marshall

G Cox Memorial Trophy

Craig Iggo

Patrons (John Down) Cup

Sian Goodall

F Bull Cup

Gareth Stewart

Dot Copely Trophy
Tash Kyd

Eddie Parsons Shield
Grass Men

C S Clements Trophy

Division Three, Platinum Three Women

Burgess Cup

Youth Men Black (Division 2)

Patel Cup
Division Three, Platinum Three Women

Sullivan Cup
Kevin O'Kane

B Hall Trophy

John Slaughter


Ladies Coaching Cup
Bjorn Dix & Chez Parore

T Crump Trophy
Premier Reserve Men & Youth Men Blue (Division 1)

Beckenham Footwear Trophy

Division Three, Platinum One Women