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2017 Kiwi Sticks Girls Teams

Thank you to all parents and players for attending trials for the 2017 season. We are looking forward to an exciting season ahead, where with the support of parents and supporters, we can create a positive and supportive environment for our players to develop their hockey but most importantly have fun doing so.


We are pleased to announce our Kiwi Sticks Girls Teams for 2017. All team trainings are held at Sydenham Turf.

Coaches will be in touch with their teams soon but we are still needing two coaches for teams so please get in touch if you are able to help us out in the 2017 season.

It is imperative that players now register to play for the season. Uniforms will not be issued until this is completed. You can do this by clicking here

Should you have any questions or would like to coach a KiwiSticks Team please contact us on


2017 Girls Kiwi Stick Teams

 Kiwi Sticks Girls Green 

Coach: Cherie Miller

Training - Tuesday 4.15pm to 5pm

Clare Martin

Hannah Hughes

Jade Miller

Lucy Kelly

Molly Aitkin

Olivia Rickerby

Ruby Leith

Tyrisa Elisara

 Kiwi Sticks Girls Blue

Coach: Lauren McMahon 

Training - TBC

Alacoque Woods

Elspeth McGuinness

Fern Wilkinson

Libby Barnes

Lily McHarg

Lucy Hine

Meg Fahey

Vienna Rose Scott

Zoe Rea

Kiwi Sticks Girls Hillview Blue

Coach: Fiona Campbell/Paul Norton

Brianna Spicer

Susannah Regnault

Perez Lene

Isla Cook

Tessa Davis

Antonia Tinga

Naomi Wilson

Lily Norton

Kiwi Sticks Girls Orange

Coach: Bernie McCarthy

Training - Wednesdays 4.15pm - 5pm

Caitlin Scott

Clara Knowles

Florance Milne

Greer Abel

Hannah Greenfell

Niamh Ellison

Phoebe Smith

Scarlett Thomas

Sydney Horn

Kiwi Sticks Girls White

Coach TBC

Training TBC

Gabby Kennedy

Jasmine McCoy

Laura Gearry

Maddie Pfahlert

Mia Aramowicz

Olivia Bayne

Sasha Harwood

Sophie Booth

Maliyah Iosefo

Kiwi Sticks Girls Hillview Red

Coach: Fiona Campbell

Amelie Thorpe

Grace Tipple

Lilly Davis

Gianeth Edwards

Naomi Yappa

Millie Kristiansen

Caitlin Beale

Amber Garland


Kiwi Sticks Girls Black

Coach: Gabby Holdorf/Sumin Parke

Training - Mondays 4.15pm-5pm

Alice Vetcher

Alyssa Buchan

Elizabeth Sherratt

Heather Roulsto

Lyla McKay

Morna Duncan

Rose Sutherland

Tamar Dijkstra

Nina Cotterell

Kiwi Sticks Girls Red

Coach: Phillipa Watson

Training - Wednesday 3.30pm- 4.15pm

Ella Lloyd-Scott

Enara Williams-Gillies

Evelyn Abelard

Hannah Watson

Isla Ballantine

Isla Morgan

Millie Edwards

Sienna Kenel

Sitara Ferguson

Kiwi Sticks Girls Purple

Coach: TBC

Aimee Phillips

Amy Peters

Bella Huston

Bella Ruri

Lucia Stevenson

Scarlett Addison-Clay

Tara Clarke

Tegan Paterson

Caitlin Hayes

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